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"An Exploding Body"Ben AllenPh: Bryan Huynh
Alexander Calder -Constellation Mobile (1943)

Interior with mirrored wall, Roy Lichtenstein, 1991


We Are Such Faggots, Issue No. 1. Cut from michael-barr

Raf Simons Spring Summer 2015
On the back of most of the coats and jackets in his collection were sailor collars collaged with fragments of his personal history—the actual and the imagined. “Like mood boards you’d pin your favorite images to,” he said. Friends, family, a fluffy kitty, a roller coaster, Mt. Fuji painted by Hokusai, a koi pond, a shark, a swimmer in peril, an astronaut…it seemed furiously random until Simons parsed the images.
Those old photos were of his parents courting fifty-five years ago. The roller coaster, the one he rode with his friends Olivier Rizzo and Willy Vanderperre decades ago. The Japanese influence was his thank-you to the first retailers who ever supported him. The shark was Jaws and Simons’ love of horror movies; the swimmer in peril was danger; the astronaut was isolation…surely you’ve composed a psychological profile by now. In the middle of it all, an old passport photo, Simons in a Superman T-shirt. That shirt was part of Rizzo’s graduate collection from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Central Saint Martins in this story. As Rizzo was telling the tale backstage, Simons appeared with the very same T-shirt and gave it back to him, twenty-five years later. / tim blanks